The company United Finance based on Finnish capital will join the Estonian leasing company Fusion Varahaldus – the head office of the company providing innovative financial technology will be based in Tallinn.

Founder and CEO of Fusion Varahaldus, Hendrik Roosna, said: “We will be the first in Estonia and the Baltics to provide a client management system that integrates financial services – it significantly improves the availability of capital for companies of different sizes and brings services closer to the end user.” And added: “Estonia is not definitely a test market, but rather the further development of the Finnish experience and the designer of new services.”

According to Marko Roivainen, Founder of United Finance, it was decided to choose Estonia as the seat of the head office. “Estonia’s leading role in developing digital services with skilled labor is one of the key reasons that speak for Estonia,” explained Roivainen. He added that in addition to a transparent business environment, a supportive tax environment and a more cost-effective basis than in the Nordic countries are also important for the company during the growth phase.

International practice shows that the spread of fintech services has a positive impact on the development of society, stimulates competition, contributes to price adjustments and provides wider access to services traditionally under-funded and used,” said Roosna and added that United Finance AS services will throughout the Baltics be filling the gap that other financial institutions have not filled so far.

Member of the Management Board of United Finance AS Tõnis Vahesaar added that the new financing solution would allow companies in different sectors to turn their business processes into a more service-oriented way by selling their products as a service.

“For example, the introduction of renewable energy equipment is costly for the end user, albeit with increasing demand. The payback period for solar panels is long, and the initial investment is high, but there are few financial solutions. In order to enable the energy company to sell, install and subsequently maintain solar panels and end-users to produce and use renewable energy, United Finance brings the possibilities of the service providers and the needs of the end-user need together by sharing financial risks. The consumer does not have to make a major initial investment, but the transaction is reflected in the monthly electricity bill, which takes into account both the cost of the panels and the amount of energy produced and consumed,” Vahesaar illustrated.

Both Roivainen and Roosna stated that the financing solution offered by United Finance has already been of international interest, but first of all, they need to develop an important financing solution to be accessible in the Baltics and Finland.

Fusion Varahalduse AS is a full-service leasing company based on Estonian capital, operating since 2008. The company with a portfolio of over 25 million euros has so far serviced over 3,000 business customers from Estonia and the Baltics. The services of the company enable the leasing of various types of assets such as IT, medical, industrial and office furniture, as well as agricultural, construction, forestry and other special equipment, which also includes property insurance.

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