Meet Our Team

We are a team of 20 like-minded people working at the United Finance offices in Finland and Estonia. We work with shared values where passion is stamped into our DNA. Our diverse backgrounds in multiple fields give us a unique insight into how different business sub-areas can work together effectively.

Marko Roivainen

Founder, CEO

Head of Business Development & Growth

Marko is a 3rd generation entrepreneur with roots deep in technology. In 2000s he built up a company operating data centres with the focus on cloud solutions. Merging his success with Vincit Group in 2010, Marko started to build the engine for subscription collaboration platform as an in-house finance solution in Vincit Group. When Vincit Group was listed late 2016 on NASDAQ OMX First North, he acquired the intellectual property of the subscription collaboration platform while remaining the second biggest shareholder in Vincit Group. This is how Marko’s journey with United Finance began. Today Marko is responsible for overall strategic leadership in United Finance.

Timo Leinonen


Head of Sales

Timo was totally old-school for financing movable assets for the last decade. Back in the days there was all kind of leasing and service contracts starting different time and nobody was following how to keep track of this mess. Timo founded his first software company in 2007 and later merged TPL Group to United Finance at 2016. While Timo has been in IT and financial business for 20 years he has been on both side of the table, as a seller and as a buyer, teaming up with United Finance meant that old days are over. Now he is striving to help companies change their business to subscription business models with the state-of-the-art tools.

Tel.: +358 40 509 6255

Taavi Havre


Head of Billing

Being a Robotics and Automation Engineer and having considerable sales experience from business technology service company, Taavi knows how to create value through technology-centric business. Taavi is execution-oriented and often the one that swicthes off the lights. This attitude has been rewarding not only to United Finance but also to his colleagues.

Meelis Mullaste


Head of Credit

Meelis likes to build new things. Although, he has been most of his career engaged in classical commercial bank, there has always been something to build: collateral system, new scoring model framework, new capital adequacy solution. World has been changing rapidly and without development you cannot survive. What is also important - you cannot build without the team. Companions you work with are most important processors of any business model. The joy of seeing your team-mates achieving new goals they couldn’t before, is very rewarding. In United Finance Meelis has found business model that he truly believes in. In the complex world the simpler solutions will work. Successful businesses thrive to offer more and more value to customers and helping to do that cost-efficiently is cornerstone of success.

JP Wirta

JP Wirta

Customer Success

Head of Service Delivery and Customer Success

JP is a pioneer of customer success and subscription economy. Having an extensive background in Microsoft ecosystem and as a company founder, he has first hand experience of the business transformation from products to services. He is a firm believer of people-centric change management and has a strong background in digital experience implementation. The deep understanding of customer journeys, provides JP exceptional assets in creating new experience for subscription market. He is continuously developing himself in the field of digital change management as he sees the transformation to subscription inevitable when companies are looking for future growth. At United Finance JP is responsible of overall success of the customer deliveries.

Tel.: +358 50 529 1992

Tõnis Vahesaar


Head of Service Design

By background Tõnis is a lawyer and in United Finance he is leading the Service Design team. Prior to United Finance, Tonis has acquired experience in various disciplines and has worked in international and multi-cultural environments. He spent 10 years as an advisory professional with EY in Luxembourg (Financial Services Office), Helsinki and Tallinn. He has also worked as a counsel in Ellex, the Estonian biggest law firm.

Tapani Miikkulainen


Tapani has worked with financial service business from mid 2000s. Entrepreneur experience and Start Up experience Tapani got when he and two colleagues established Fleet Innovation almost 15 years ago. From this experience Tapani saw the “light” of building business models through use and subscription model not just the ownership. He loves to help companies to transform their business to the next level. Tapani is the early bird, usually first to set the lights and make the coffee.

Tel.: +358 40 563 1879

Helen Gutmann


Accounting Leader

Some say that accounting is boring: it’s all about dumb numbers. There was once hard work related to accounting – today it can be delegated to machines. Helen has seen in her career many times how much value good accounting and reporting can create to customers and that’s what she really loves to create value out of numbers and it’s really enjoyable to do it on the platform were value is created every single day.

Antti Sulkumäki

Customer Success

Key Account Director

Antti is a key member of United Finance because he handles biggest customers in United Finance by supporting their selling processes. Antti has over 20 years of experience in customer management and service business development, such as 3StepIT as a shareholder and customer leader.

Counterweight to hectic and demanding work Antti is a passionate off-piste snowboarder and enjoys family time with his two sons.

Tel.: +358 40 650 3367

Jonna Savas

Customer Success

Customer Service Director

If there were multi-tasking world championships held, Jonna would get the golden prize. In her previous professional life she helped a Nordic leasing brokerage firm to grow where she spent 10 years. Now Jonna applies her experience with United Finance where she designs processes for our customers and for internal purposes. If Jonna is around, you can be sure that working is fun.

Gert Müürsepp


Head of Technology

For Gert the most ultimate question is about limits. Real life begins from the moment when you are in uncharted territories. Having a business and IT background and becoming one of the first in the world to succeed with the platform where finance, products and services are all combined within one single bill – that’s the right challenge for Gert.

Kersti Rahnel


Billing Leader

Kersti started her career in the very first privately-owned company in the Soviet Union. Through out of her career, she had been in on the frontier of changes. During the 90’s Kersti worked at one of the first banks in Estonia. Kersti was also a very first employee of successful Nordic leasing broker 3StepIT in Estonia. Again, invaluable experience. Now in the United Finance, she is doing it again. A revolutionary platform where products can be turned into service - world what is becoming more and more complicated, can be simplified with our solutions.

Hanna-Greta Veersalu


Reporting Leader

Hanna-Greta loves data. She has always loved to turn experience into value. Hanna-Greta has been helping insurance business with statistical models by being a data scientist. It is now more fun than ever before, even in the 700-hundred-year-old insurance business. But even more fun is being part of totally new business model. When being asked to build a new smart contract platform at United Finance, it reminded her the changing pattern of customer behaviour – there is clear tendency to switch from owning the asset - to using the service.

Karolina Vardja

Service Design

Contact Wizard

Karolina is a brilliant person who can handle whatever needs to be solved. She is very much interested in how technology makes life easier for our customers. Physical copies and handwritten sigantures belong to history. Contract management is no longer a job for humans. This what Karolina believes.

Triin Pukk


Accounting Consultant

Formerly she was accountant in Trigon Capital, a fund management company. For us, Triin is a hero. She is raising three little kids and at the same time is taking care of our bookkeeping needs.

Kert Kuusalu

Kert Kuusalu


Having worked 3 summers in lead sales role in the U.S. while getting a degree of business-IT, Kert is driven by personal and professional growth. In United Finance Kert is responsible for credit process automation and flow of information. Kert likes to think that traditional credit scoring models have some deficiencies for the new subscription economy where transactions are fast, automated, and seamless. Credit people should no longer sit alone in the cabinet but be seamlessly integrated to customer experience journey - Kert is a living example of it. After work, Kert likes to spend time with close ones and pushing himself in sports.

Juha-Pekka Korpela


Solution Architect

Juha-Pekka is a Senior Developer with 8 years of experience prior to joining United Finance. He loves technology and shows great deal of respect twhen technology actually works and functions like promised in the manual. When technology gets on your nerves, Juha-Pekka goes out to do sports.

Lauri Naulapää


Senior Solution Architect

Lauri has developed solutions over 20 years. This is a package that any team likes. Be it programming in some language or web applications, Lauri is a talent greatly appreciated in United Finance. Over short period of time Lauri has become a valued team member growing development quality to new level. His knowledge does not end there - he is a master brewer.

Jaanika Lehis

Customer Support

Support Angel

Jaanika is a person that knows what is service standard and service quality. Lowering your performance there and the game is lost. Jaanika is a person that preferres to win the game.

Tarmo Kallas


Configuration Wizard

12 years in Accenture is a long time. It is also a sign of sound professional skillset. Tarmo is a true professional who makes the plan and only then executes the plan. Bachleor of Engineering is a solid background to implement technology platform for United Finance's customers. If you see office lights on late in the evening, you may be sure it is Tarmo trying to find another trick how to make life easier with technology.

Markus Pääkkö


Senior Achitect

Some of the most valuable work is sometimes done by people behind the scenes. Markus is one example of that. He has been buiding the technology stack for United Finance more than 8 years. His expertise constantly amazes all team members. In every organisation there is a gem. Markus is one in United Finance.

Career Opportunities

We are always looking to hire the the best specialists to join our team and further strengthen our knowledge base and to help us grow to our fullest potential.

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