“Do or Die?”is a relevant question when discussing the transfer from product sales to service sales with the decision-makers of organisations. Several studies show that Finland reached the mark where service sales exceeded traditional product sales already back in 2011. The development of a business into an organisation that sells its products as a service requires the commitment of the entire company, the will to work together for a common goal and, naturally, the ability to find the right partners.

Partnership isreciprocal; it is about listening and genuinely wanting to find a common path and tune, as we at United Finance believe. Particularly now, as the year is coming to an end and the world should once again be complete at the turn of the year, we are sorely in need of sales without losing current customers. The best and the fastest way to achieve a positive growth rate and retain existing accounts is to focus on where it all begins: mutually productive and fruitful collaboration with customers and partners.

We must dare to look in the mirrorand make sure that our company truly understands the facts on all levels. Once the management has established a common view of how to transfer to service sales, the goals set together can be reached, but not before then. Does our organisation currently use a customer-oriented approach or are products sold based on our assumptions, without listening to the customer? Have our products and services been packaged so that they are easy to sell and obviously also easy to buy? Are our services genuinely attractive?

Implanting a culture based on service salesin an organisation requires bold measures and a new way of thinking. Conventional sales methods and production processes must be set aside for the moment. Everything starts with a change in the way of thinking. What is the account management process of our organisation like? How do we develop our partnerships and offer partners genuine benefits that suit their specific needs? If we do not stop and listen to our customers and partners, our range of offers will be nothing more than an empty shell without the right kind of filling.

Antti Sulkumäki, Sales Director

At United Finance, the goal-directed coaching of partnerships from product sales to service sales opens up huge opportunities for our partners. It must be said that transferring to service sales is an intimidating decision for any company, and the change does not leave anyone in the organisation unaffected, because it causes a major transformation in the organisational culture. This change can be made easier by employing the right strategic policies and by engaging the entire staff of the company in the process. Refining sales is an effective, easy way for the management to increase both the turnover and the yield. Human resource development, when skilfully combined with this, is motivating and a sure investment in the future.
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