Martela is the first in Finland to bring to the market a way to design, acquire and maintain work environments packaged as a service. The service model allows for a faster renovation cycle, which will allow the work environment to respond to the changing needs of business and work habits in the best possible way.

The work environment carried out as a service (Workplace as a Service, WaaS) is tailor-made for each customer. The package may include, for example, working environment design, furnishing and interior design solutions, measurement of use and user experience of premises, and implementation of changes and development of working practices together with the personnel. Costs are packaged into a monthly price.

“The transformation of leadership culture is progressing, inclusive leadership is becoming more common, and working methods are renewed. More and more data workers think that it is self-evident that the employer has a flexible attitude towards work time and place, and that when they enter the office, they can choose their desired workplace. Rapidly changing needs require a more frequent renewal of the work environment, with facilities, furniture, and services optimally promoting productivity and well-being,” says Panu Muhonen, Director of Martela’s Offering.

Traditionally, organizations have commissioned their work environment as a design project and purchased their furniture for keeping. Due to the costs, the selected solutions have been sought to be used as long as possible, and renovations have been postponed, even if business and user needs require a clear change.

The service model removes the risks and slowdowns of ownership of work environments. Even though the number of staff increases or decreases, the organization only pays for what it needs. When renovations do not have to be deferred, facilities always support the operation the best possible way. Careful design and continuous optimization often also reduce space requirements, saving rental, maintenance, and service costs.

In their service model, Martela’s experts take care of measuring, optimizing and developing the work environment. The user experience and the use rates of different premises are measured continuously, and the entire package is updated in terms of both the premises and furniture as circumstances and needs change.

“The transition to a service model for work environments is also a natural step forward. The service design of the package has been carried out in close cooperation with our customers and other stakeholders. Instead of individual furniture orders, the customer will continue to receive a comprehensive mindset covering the entire life cycle of the office and a service package that takes care of the premises, furniture and people’s wellbeing,” says Eerikki Mikkola, Manager of Martela’s Offering.


The working environment as a service complies with the Martela’s Waste Nothing Principle. The existing furniture will also be used in customized premises or circulated to new users through Martela Outlet, for example. As a result, the original user of the furniture gets a working environment that meets their needs, the new user gets excellent recycled equipment, and nature will thank everybody.

The contract and financing model that enables the service is implemented by the United Finance, a Finnish-based company offering new generation solutions.

“Service outsourcing is part of a global megatrend where customers move from buying individual commodities to acquiring total services. The phenomenon that is already widespread in the consumer and IT markets is landing in other industries. Together with Martela, we offer their customers a way to obtain work environment services from one partner, with one monthly invoice,” says Marko Matikainen, Commercial Director of United Finance.

Martela is currently seeking companies that want to act as a trendsetter in the development of the best work environments as a service.

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