Musta-Pekka Oy’s Mustalinja is a new kind of smart switchboard solution that is independent of operators.
The unique call-back solution together with the SaaS offering makes it a definite value add for the end-customers.

About Partner

Musta-Pekka Oy is a long time IT service provider that has previously focused on Apple products and software. With the help of United Finance, Musta-Pekka has refocused their efforts to become a service orientated company with emphasis on customer value addition. Through their SaaS offering, Musta-Pekka is disrupting their own business and going through the transformation from box moving to service offering.


Information & Communication Technology


Hardware, software, licenses



The cooperation so far has shown United Finance to be a reliable, growth orientated, open minded and innovative company. So far, the seamless cooperation has created a strong bond and trust, which I believe to be a premise for future growth and strategic partnership.

Jussi PatopuroCEO of Musta-Pekka Oy

Through United Finance, Musta-Pekka is able to combine financed licenses, maintenance, connections and even prepaid minutes onto a single service contract, which simplifies the whole contract and contract lifecycle process from the end-customer point of view. The ability to also make monthly billing changes according to used data consumption or per used minutes, offers the kind of flexibility that is expected of a service agreement. The fact that SaaS licenses are going through financing on the same contract, means that the customer gets everything necessary to connect to the business world is handled through a single contract and a single monthly payment.

The UFINA smart contract platform makes sure that all the contract and billing changes are being tracked and reported, in addition to making the whole sign-up process paperless. Everything from offer creation to signing and delivery confirmation is handled online, saving time and money, both for Musta-Pekka and for the end-customer.

The cooperation has given us a unique possibility to focus on increasing customer value. The funding solutions that are available on the market, where several operators have locked on, support the traditional purchase and sales business practices. These solutions lock in the operator to the funding structure and don’t give the possibility to develop the service to match the quickly evolving customer needs and expectations.

The cooperation with UF makes it possible to focus on growing though our service products. This allows us to follow our mission without a compromise and to be a passionate digitalization partner for the SMB customers.

Jussi PatopuroCEO of Musta-Pekka Oy