Multitronic Pro


Multitronic Pro offers a comprehensive IT service solution and operates mainly in educational and governmental entities. Along with traditional IT devices, they have also focused on providing interactive telepresence robots to schools, so that children suffering from long-term illness can attend the classes. With limited resources available to public entities, the subscription model makes sure that no child is left without an education.

About Partner

Multitronic Pro Oy is a part of the Multitronic Group. Multitronic Pro is an IT consulting company that focuses on municipalities, schools and companies. They offer a wide selection of hardware and services and are located in five cities in Finland, with the head office in Vaasa.


Information & Communication Technology


Hardware, Software




The decision to use United Finance and UFINA platform as a contract management and financing solution came from the need to create a comprehensive service offering. United Finance’s service design team helped Multitronic Pro to go through the different scenarios and possible bottlenecks, making sure that the end result was a seamless and comprehensive service.

The cooperation and service development is an ongoing process where communication and interaction plays a huge role. United Finance is eager to help Multitronic Pro to grow their service offering and customer satisfaction, whether through new service or through contract localization. UFINA smart contract platform has been and will be modified to meet ever developing new ideas and business models.

There were other leasing options available to us, but we wanted to digitalise our service as a whole and United Finance's quick and direct communication helped us a lot to develop our business and our service offering. Especially in the current dynamic sales environment. We are looking forward to improve our existing services and to make the service offering less complex and more easily purchased.

Robert GranholmTechnical Consultant