Industry Examples

Smart Contracts Enable Revolution in Service Design

In addition to ICT, security solutions and office equipment, here are some examples of tested service designs:

Smart Textiles as a Service

Uniforms and knits, dry cleaning services with delivery and replacement of outworn kits for doctors and nurses in the hospital. More than 40,000 smart textile units transacted every month for a private hospital managed by the second largest Finnish financial group.

Intelligent Reception

Today intelligent systems direct you in buildings, elevators arrive upon signing in, and your parcel is available without reception staff handling it. Office building operators can have all these components in a single monthly fee and save from human-centred reception or security services.


Warm home no longer means the building owners making heavy investments but smart and self-learning solutions for HVAC systems can provide better indoor climate with less energy consumption. Smart heating solutions replace costly investment project with optimized energy use. This means less cost.