HABAGROUP went from selling only products to offering value-adding services

HABAGROUP has offered innovative solutions for recycling and waste handling for 25 years. Their clients range from different industries, retailers and public sector and are located in Finland, Sweden, Russia or Norway. Cooperating with United Finance means that HABA can offer their clients new services to better serve their needs.

HABA has traditionally sold waste management solutions, but they started to develop their business together with United Finance to be able to create more value to their end customers. So far, the cooperation has been a success. 


Recycling and waste handling




Finland, Sweden, Russia, Norway

United Finance wanted to help us develop our way of doing business. As a result, we came up with whole new product palettes, such as maintenance and on-going services as well as installations, which can be sold as extra services. We used to sell only our products and no services.

Harri SalomaaCEO of Habagroup Oy

United Finance helps their customers comprehensively by dealing with funding, contracts, invoicing and reconciliation the money to the right parties. Combined with the Smart Contracting, their customers can price their services dynamically, which gives more flexibility even to the end customer.

Smoothens the sales process

HABA uses United Finance’s program already in the offer phase. They fill in their customers’ information into the system and get a credit decision even before closing. If they close the deal, everything happens electronically from sending the contract to signing it.

– We don’t need to run around after signatures, as it’s all done electronically. Everything happens smoothly, as United Finance is an integral part of our sales operations, Harri Salomaa, the CEO of HABA says.

No more wasting time

As the CEO, Salomaa values efficiency and great service, which is why they’ve continued the cooperation with United Finance.

One of the best parts about United Finance is that we save time. Not only do they offer a great service, but they also have an excellent customer service team. I want to have answers fast and to tie any loose ends quickly, and they can provide us this, which is invaluable.

Harri SalomaaCEO of Habagroup Oy