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Freedom vs Responsibility

Inspired by Netflix, we believe in Freedom and Responsibility. Freedom for our employees is the ability to set their schedule, to decide on the assignments and challenges they do, to make decisions. In the other hand, we have made sure that our employees understand the Responsibility behind this Freedom. It means being held accountable for their actions, owning their mistakes or having others count on them.

People and their ideas are in the vanguard of every great revolution and United Finance is one such revolution. At United Finance, we are looking for people who are defined not just by a CV, a certificate or an academic qualification. We are in search of self motivated, high potential individuals who make every opportunity count. And there is no dearth of opportunities at United Finance.

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Our Cultural Attitudes

We are One Team

Our principles serve as guidelines to help us grow stronger as a team, as a company, individually and even in our personal lives. Don’t limit yourself to being satisfied with the role of a passenger — lets grab the wheel together. Only when we are all are pulling in the same direction and at the same time, can we unlock our full potential individually and as a team.


We Serve the Partner

Always remember that everything we do is because of our partner. Always start with the client and work your way backwards. Earn and keep their trust, because they are the only reason we exist.

Dive Deep

Focus to the subject. Be an expert on the specifics of your business and your customers’ business.

Be a Pilot

Being a leader is not a position, it’s a behaviour. Dare to take responsibility, set an example and inspire your team to do the same.

Be Brave and Speak Out

If you see a problem, speak up. If you have trouble understanding something, don’t be embarrassed to ask. If you see an opportunity, share it with your team or your client.

Show Your Support

Stand by your team in good and in bad. Celebrate success together and don’t point fingers in sticky situations, but help work out the solutions. Defend your team, company, partner and show that you value them.

Be Terrified of the Comfort Zone

The world is changing, we must keep up. Status quo means we’re already left behind. Heathy competition within the team is only positive.

Learn, Learn, Learn

Be curious, but not too nosy. Show interest in your colleagues’ and clients’ projects and activities, learn from the experiences of others and help where you can.

Tackle Every Challenge

Get yourself into a state of mind where impossible do not exist. There are no problems, there are only challenges with solutions. You just need to find these.

Have Fun

Don’t just go to work. Enjoy the process, then bask in the glory of great results. Spread the smile.

Career Opportunities

We are always looking to hire the the best specialists to join our team and further strengthen our knowledge base and to help us grow to our fullest potential.

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