ALSO Service to Business is new kind of service concept for ICT industry resellers. With the help of ALSO S2B concept reseller can create service packages which include devices, support services, finance, insurance and EOL services. Customer signs only one contract with its reseller and will receive only one monthly invoice from reseller.

About Partner

ALSO’s B2B marketplace serves as a trading center for all goods and services offered to the ICT industry. Supply, Solutions and as-a-Services are business models of the ALSO Group. From transaction, the classical distribution business, through consulting-oriented solution offers such high-end servers, storage and security systems to tailor-made financing offers and Cloud solutions. ALSO is a competent, reliable, and sustainable partner.


Information & Communication Technology


Hardware, software


Finland, Sweden

ALSO S2B greatly facilitates the lives of our dealers and their customers. The United Finance digitalized service platform provides an automated process that meets today's demands for quality and ease of use.

Hans-Mikael HeleniusCEO of ALSO Finland Oy

ALSO S2B is white label service which will be designed separately for each reseller. Ufina platform is key tool for selecting devices and services from the catalogue, calculate monthly amounts and create contracts.

Earlier, end customer needed to negotiate and sign contracts with several parties – device supplier, financier and service provider. Nowadays it´s possible to get everything from one place as a service. ALSO S2B process is totally electrical, no papers needed anymore. Integrations between ALSO Finland and United Finance ensure that all up to date prices are available in Ufina platform and orders will be delivered between the systems. With the help of ALSO S2B you can easily move from product sales to service sales and you can offer new way to sell devices as a service.

SMS Testing Oy is one of the resellers doing service sales and life cycle management. They were one of the first resellers to implement ALSO S2B concept.

ALSO S2B is great concept. With the help of this service we don’t have to gather all pieces from different places. ALSO S2B is easy to understand and it makes selling process easier.

Sauli SaarinenCEO of SMS Testing Oy