Finland’s largest ICT retailer, ALSO Finland, is launching the first in Finland to offer a new way of selling IT solutions, ALSO Service to Business. In practice, the ALSO Service to Business concept means that an ALSO reseller can offer its customer an ICT comprehensive solution as a clear monthly billing service.

End customers have had to acquire software, cloud services, equipment, maintenance services, and financing through several contracts, which may have blurred and cause unnecessary costs. In ALSO service agreements with Service to Business, this problem does not exist.

Service outsourcing is part of a global mega-trend in which customers move from buying individual commodities to the acquisition of comprehensive services.

“The popularity of ownership is declining steadily, and now we are offering the opportunity to buy everything as an IT service. The new service will greatly facilitate the lives of our dealers and their customers. ALSO Service to Business is the first such service in Finland, and also globally unique. The automated process provided by the digitized service platform meets today’s demands for speed, quality and ease of use,” says Hans-Mikael Helenius, Managing Director of ALSO Finland.

In the spirit of rotation management, the ALSO Service to Business concept also takes care of the lifecycle of a contracted computer from start to finish. Upon expiration of the term of the contract, ALSO will retrieve the devices and clear them safely. Finally, a new home will be searched for devices that are running.

“The previously published ALSO Cloud Marketplace was a groundbreaking cloud computing marketplace, which later expanded from Finland to other parts of Europe. We believe that ALSO Service to Business has all the potential to become a corresponding globally significant IT innovation and bring significant added value to ALSO’s European B2B marketplace, “says Helenius.

The contract and financing model that enables this new service is implemented by United Finance Corporation, a Finnish new generation solution.

“It’s great for us to be a backdrop to leading IT wholesale trading, ALSO, to partner with ALSO Service to Business. Businesses expect that they can get all the services they need from one partner. Together, we create ALSO’s dealers to meet this growing demand,” says Marko Matikainen, Commercial Director of United Finances.

ALSO Finland Oy is Finland’s leading provider of ICT and a full range of product and service vendors. Our marketplace offers dealers the opportunity to acquire unique product and service solutions. In addition to a wide range of wholesale products, ALSO Finland offers logistics, finance, configuration, IT and cloud services. ALSO Finland is headquartered in Tampere. In addition, ALSO Finland has a logistics center in Pirkkala and a branch office in Espoo. ALSO Finland is part of the international ALSO Group. Read more


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