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Our History

United Finance is a financial technology company that helps businesses transform their earning models into subscription based models. We have competences located in Finland and Estonia to support our clients with the shift from product to service sales. With the built-in digital tools we enable accommodation of finance solutions into bundled services agreements. The management of contract life cycle is supported with back office functions, such as billing, collections, accounting, and reporting, which provide our partners the opportunity to focus on sales efforts and client relationships.

United Finance was founded by entrepreneurs and is employee-owned. United Finance is a spin-off from Finnish First North listed company Vincit Group Oy. Headquartered in Finland, United Finance has over 30 professionals helping businesses transform into recurring revenue models. For example, we cooperate with ALSO Finland, Finnish largest IT equipment wholesaler, and Martela, the biggest supplier of furniture and interior solutions in Finland. Our software has been built for 8 years and has flexibility that ERP and CRM systems fail to provide.



Our Value Proposition

Once easily integrated to our system, we enable
fully digital and transparent contract lifecycle management, from signing to bookkeeping.

Partner Industries

ICT, building automation, energy sector, work environment, machinery & equipment, security engineering, etc.

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Our Journey

Since we started building our technology in 2010, we have witnessed changes in consumer behaviour, with an appetite for new experiences and focus on service innovation. We are building a dynamic solution that enables businesses to transform in this new era. Additionally, new revenue recognition standard and STS qualifications show that dynamic solutions are needed for accommodating government initiatives. It is a pivotal moment of change.

To respond to these trends, subscription service modelling requires flexible tools enabling data quality and transparency. We have built that tool and we are only in the beginning of our journey.

Age of Subscription

Traditional business models are changing as the operating models and assumptions of the past no longer guarantee success. More and more companies want to buy products as services instead of actually owning them.

Our business is based on our deep understanding of this change and what it signifies. We use this insight to help our clients successfully grow their businesses well into the future in a world where owning things is a now only a burden.

Age of Customer

89% of customers get frustrated because they need to repeat their issues to multiple representatives. Accenture.

They want a single solution. Which means it is time to change your business towards customer needs, thus serve everything in a bundled package.

Smart Contract Ecosystem

Digital tools and support system that enable partners to separate service components and cashflows & transform into subscription market. Automated contracts creation, billing and collection provides partners the opportunity to focus on sales efforts, improve client relationships and build flexibility into the balance sheet, rather than creating middle and back office functions to manage contract life cycle. There are countless reasons why our service is better than the rest. Learn why we’re different:

Strategic competence to drive your sales with service design

It is no coincidence that we talk about service design. While industrial and product design emerged from mass manufacturing, service design is responding to three significant economic, social and technological trends.

Value in Services

First, product differentiation diminishes with maturity of businesses and industries. Services, however, bring additional benefit of supporting customers in maximizing the use of products and drive loyalty. Service design can redefine new quality standard in the market.

Changed customer expectations

Companies that approach service offering based on one-size-fits-for-all have to redefine their value proposition because of changed in customer request for flawless experience. One wonderful service experience lead to expectation of similar experience at another service provider. Service design is the way to bring customer power into improvement of services.

Digitalization of services

Digital technologies have driven radical change and disruption in services. Routine and low value add processes will all be digitalized. What were primarily human-delivered services are now mediated by technology. Service design can humanize technology.

Secure smart contract management tool

Digitally Signed Contracts

Contract creation and management has never been that simple. Once your service and asset catalogues are imported, you can make subscription agreements by few clicks. Make offers, send those directly from the system, sign contracts and deliver your services. This means for you friendly user interface and ease of transacting. This means digital automated work flow initiated by few clicks you made. Automated contract lifecycle helps you to focus on client relationship while we take care of the rest.

Blockchain technology could reduce infrastructure costs for 8 of the world’s 10 largest investment banks by an average of 30%, translating to $8 billion to $12 billion in annual cost savings for those banks. Accenture, 2017

State of the Art Security

This all is possible only if our system is trustful. We operate in Microsoft environment and leverage on their expertise of infrastructure efficiency and security tools. Information security and data protection has never been so important. Microsoft has decades-long experience building enterprise software and running some of the largest online services in the world. We use their experience to implement and continuously improve security-aware software development, operational management, and threat-mitigation practices that are essential to the strong protection of services and data.

Integrated finance and compliance

Credit Request

Every contract has an element of investment in it by some party. We have built an integrated financial solution and you can request credit to finance assets in the contract. This enables you to focus on client relationship and not to lose time on correspondence with bankers.

Compliance with policies

Over the past decade, money laundering has become an increasingly prevalent issue. Governments are constantly looking for new ways to fight money launderers, and several anti-money laundering policies have been put in place to help this effort.

In everyday business we often do not think whether our customer is politically exposed person or is there a risk of money laundering taking into account of industry specifics, whether our customer might be under government sanctions or which individual ultimately benefits from a transaction.

However, this does not relieve a merchant or financier from liability. Carrying out these responsibilities in a seamless manner by a machine saves time and money without impact to customer experience.

Billing and accounting

Automated Payment Matching

Did your client pay on time is no longer a question to your accounting department. You can have that information from your real-time dashboard. Like you do not have to report to your financial department to issue invoices or report on service delivery. We have automated all that so you can focus on what actually matters – your relationship with your client.

Payment Collection & Accounting

Nevertheless, accountants need also input from your transactions. How to calculate taxes, recognize revenue and generate invoices, credit invoices or reminders. This is what we make available to your finance team. It is true that some clients can have problematic payment behavior but we will help you with that, too.

Detailed reporting

Essential Analytics

To implement a business intelligence, organizations must also design an effective reporting, sales analytics and information delivery framework. This encompasses the ability for end users to efficiently consume integrated contract data in an efficient manner to drive proactive decision-making and develop a competitive advantage. The ability to perform reporting and analytics is becoming critical for all organizations. Processing timely data and the proper reporting and analytic capabilities enhances the ability to make more informed, evidence-based decisions.

Tailored Reporting

The right reporting, analytics and information delivery can have a significant impact on an organization, fundamentally changing the way people perform their jobs and how decisions are made. We will tailor reporting to your needs so your sales department or management can analyse sales results or contract data in real time regardless of their location. And we let you choose the format you require or visualization you are used to.

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We will turn it into a service.

You will get a ready-made financing model and the tools you need to develop
and maintain your service sales based business.

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