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Smart Contracts for Subscription Services

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New Experience

Managed digital solutions save time as multiple services, one provider, single invoice result in seamless transacting.


Simple steps from quote to service use.

Saves Time

Forget hardware maintenance. Leave it to professionals.

Saves Money

Cash flow improved because there is no initial investment, just monthly fee

We are at the start of a new era

It is the age of subscription. Customers are moving from ownership to usership and companies have to adjust to this change.


Faster are growing the companies that are based on subscription model than S&P 500 companies


Dollars are expected to grow from SaaS subscription revenues by 2021


Of growth per annum expected for smart contract platform market. From $400M to $7.6B market by 2022

Let’s Change How We

Manage Business

Organisations can redesign services to improve their service offering and to develop new value propositions. This is required by market developments. United Finance has created tools to respond to changing customer behavior and market needs.

Experience Redefined

United Finance business model simplifies the business process and makes it
very easy for both consumers and the businesses.

Attractive Simplicity

Consumers don't have to make a repeated purchase every month and you don't have to solicit any orders. This results in business productivity, since the time from order generation is saved.

Increased Demand

Your potential customers would rather pay for using devices, not for owning them. It's much easier to make a decision on a €1,500 monthly service than on a €50,000 investment.

Customer Loyalty

You'll retain a larger number of customers on a consistent basis. Since the customer will stay for a longer period it will ensure you up-selling and cross-selling opportunities.

Improved Cashflow

This business model helps with anticipating demand and supply with ease. Due to its steady, positive cash flow, you can have a more accurate idea of what next month’s revenues will be.


Select Devices & Services

Choose the equipment and services from your integrated business portfolio and pack these into one single agreement.

Sign & Deliver

After the contract has been signed digitally, your company will deliver the products and services.

We'll take care of the rest

We will pay you for the devices and manage the end-user service billing, collecting and reporting with your branding.

A Tool that Will Make You a Superhero for Decades

No matter the size of your business, you will be able to benefit from signing up with United Finance today.