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Pivot from product sales to service sales and make it in a world where ownership is a burden.

We will help you.

United Finance

Welcome to the new era of service sales.

The world is changing fast, and traditional business models are changing along with it. More and more companies want to buy products as services instead of actually owning them.

We will help your company adjust to this new era of buying and shift from traditional product sales to service sales.

You provide your customers with services, and they pay you for them. It’s as simple as that.

How is this good for your business?

You will get new customers

Your potential customers would rather pay for using devices, not for owning them.

Customers will be more likely to buy

It's much easier to make a decision on a €1,500 monthly service than on a €50,000 investment.

The value of your company will increase

In addition to product sales, your business will include long-term service agreements.

Customer loyalty will increase

When customers go from buying products to subscribing to services, you can deepen your relationship by adjusting your service to meet their needs.

Bring your product to us.
We will turn it into a service.

You will get a ready-made financing model and the tools you need to develop and maintain your service sales based business.

How we do it

1.Customer Relations Team

We believe in partnership and want to ensure, your
organizations sales personnel will experience using our
service smooth and effortless.

2. Initial arrangements

We will go through your product and service portfolio with your company and work out the practical matters. After that, we will be ready to launch your service sales.

3. Service sales

Once your services start selling, you can use the easy-to-use ufinance.com portal to make service agreements with your customers. After the contract has been signed, your company will deliver the products your customers need.

4. Invoicing

We will pay you for the device and manage the end user service invoicing on your behalf under your company’s name.

United Finance Ltd. as a company

United Finance is a rapidly-growing financial institution specialising in service sales with sights fixed on internationalisation. Established in 2010, it currently has around 300 clients in Finland. Our aim is to be the leading expert in service sales in Europe.

The world is changing at breakneck speed, and the operating models and assumptions of the past no longer guarantee success. Our business is based on our deep understanding of this change and what it signifies. We use this insight to help our clients successfully grow their businesses – today, tomorrow and well into the future.

The key players in our company have years of experience in finance, service companies and the IT sector. Our diverse backgrounds in multiple fields give us unique insight into how different business sub-areas can work together effectively. We are always looking for the best specialists to join our team and further strengthen our knowledge base.


Ufinance.com is a core part of United Finance’s service offering. It is a tool our partners can use to digitalise their sales processes and make a smooth transition from product sales to service sales.

  • The United Finance app, which we have been actively developing since 2010, is designed to support product management and the automated creation of service contracts.
  • The financing of service contracts has been largely automated, which means you can make smaller service contracts with lower transaction costs.
  • Delivery and service contracts can be created quickly and easily online via the Ufinance app. The service is available to all our customers and it can be customised on a partner-specific basis.
  • The app lets you and your partners manage the entire lifecycle of your contracts.
  • The app will be linked to the existing financial management software, which means that users can directly link contract transactions to their own accounting.

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Explore the features

  • The offer made to the client
  • Delivery Contract and Service Contract
  • Order confirmation
  • Third-party invoicing of monthly installments and services
  • Accounts ledger and collection
  • Integration of the bank system through financial management software
  • Accounting materials
  • Management of fixed assets register (in early 2017, once the Asseri integration is completed)
  • Outgoing supplier payments and account settlements during the fiscal period
  • Reports

  • Handling of the various stages of the contract period, such as the period prior to signing of the contract, and the handling of the functions of the contract period and the period after the contract period; extension period, remainder values and the termination of the contract.
  • Termination of the contract during the contract period
  • Product catalogue, in which devices, services and licenses, etc., are modulated to be product-specific.
  • Real-time reporting of refinancers
  • User levels and authentication of contract management
  • Storage of data and data analytics using BI tools
Through contract management, we can carry out both service provider specific and full contract base executions.

Hear from our clients

“We tapped into entirely new market segments”

United Finance has a deep understanding of how to refine service sales models and a burning desire to develop our service offering. With their help, we’ve extended our business into new market segments and gained a significant competitive edge. One of the fruits of our cooperation has been the launch of the ITDiamond service, which has been a great way for us to apply and benefit from the principles of service sales.

Jouni Erkkilä,
PCP Partner Oy

“Energy efficiency services for a fixed monthly price”

United Finance Ltd. has an excellent service model that lets our property clients benefit from energy efficiency services at a fixed monthly price. With United Finance’s help, we’ve made it easier for our customers to make purchase decisions and to productise the adoption of the service more flexibly than before. This new addition has been warmly received by our customers, which also means it has helped boost our bottom line.

Heikki Uurto,
Ouman Oy

“Products and services for Data Group’s customers for one monthly fee”

Our objective is to offer our customers all the key products and services they require from the same place – and for a single monthly fee. Selling products as a service used to be challenging because it was generally done through leasing and financing. We’re confident that our partnership with United Finance will bring more possibilities and flexibility to service sales and help us to develop our service sales to better support our customers’ business operations.

Timo Vilenius,
Data Group

“Light as a service”

Replacing existing light sources with new-generation LED technology has saved our customers energy and money. Together with United Finance, we’ve developed the ‘Valoa Palveluna’ (‘Light as a Service’) concept, which lets our customers save energy without a heavy initial investment. In the concept, the replacement project pays for itself in the very first month. We believe that our partnership with United Finance will lead to significant growth in turnover over the next few years.

Marko Puumalainen,
Development Director
Ecotale Oy and Toshiba

“Are you our next success story ?”

We have helped dozens of companies boost their businesses with service sales. Get in touch with us and we will do the same for your company.

Timo Leinonen
Sales director
Tel. 040 509 6255


Marko Roivainen

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Responsible for the strategic leadership of the group. Over 17 years of entrepreneurial and management experience in IT and software development, financial administration, financing and insurance industries.

Tel. +358 400 603 417


Hendrik Roosna

Chairman of Supervisory Board

Hendrik is in the role of supervising Group operations. Hendrik has over 10 years of experience as an entrepreneur and in the field of finance through Fusion Varahalduse AS (merged into United Finance) and multiple other finance and lease operators.

Tel. +372 5645 1406


Tõnis Vahesaar

General Counsel

Tõnis is responsible for legal and compliance function. Tõnis has over 10 years of experience in practicing law in different countries or financial centres.

Tel. +372 50 169 31


Janne Saarikko

Executive Vice President (EVP)

Janne is responsible for management of financing operations including strategic portfolio and asset management. Janne has worked previously as Executive Vice President of Mandatum Life, Head of Finnish and Baltic Markets for Danske Bank and as Senior Director for Nordea.

Tel. +372 5199 7752


Sami Sipilä

Chief Operations Officer (COO)

Responsible for the development of operative functions, international business and information management.
Over 15 years of experience in managing IT, outsourcing and business consultation projects in more than 30 countries.

Tel. +372 513 9857


Prashanth Sanivarapu

Managing Director, India

Responsible for business development, operations and administration of India region. Over 12 years of experience in IT service and delivery management with expertise in core financial services.


Sales Finland

Marko Matikainen

Commercial Director, (CCO)

Tel. +358 40 650 6900


Timo Leinonen

Sales Director

Tel. +358 40 509 6255


Antti Sulkumäki

Key Account Director

Tel. +358 40 650 3367


Matias Similä

Sales Director

Tel. +358 50 394 2880


Customer Service Finland

Jonna Savas

Service Director

Tel. +358 40 191 0865


Ilkka Virtanen

Customer Service Specialist

Tel. +358 40 500 9114


Sales Estonia

Risto Kriik

Sales Director

Tel: +372 5389 5488


Rauno Usberg

Financial Consultant

Tel: +372 5698 9611


Katerina Rümmel

Financial Consultant

Tel: +372 5557 6772


Elina Merisalu

Financial Consultant

Tel: +372 5649 6973


Back Office

Ännifriid Põder


Tel: +372 679 9550


Karolina Vardja

Customer Relations Manager

Tel: +372 679 9550


Kersti Rahnel


Tel: +372 679 9550



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