Apr 2018
Platform economy is changing the world
Jan 2018
Collaboration with The Finnish Fencing and Pentathlon Association continues
Dec 2017
New Service for Development the Working Environment
Oct 2017
UF sponsored Eevi Bengs wins World Championship
Oct 2017
ALSO and United Finance revolutionize ICT-Service sales in Finland
Oct 2017
United Finance Strengthens its Account and Development Teams in Finland
Apr 2017
United Finance is strengthening its financial position further with a…
Apr 2017
United Finance is expanding its operation into the Baltic market…
Mar 2017
Asiakastieto Oy certifies United Finance as one of the strongest…
Feb 2017
United Finance is strengthening its customer teams
Jan 2017
United Finance partners with the Finnish fencing and pentathlon national…
Jan 2017
United Finance opens a product development company in Bangalore
Dec 2016
Banker Janne Saarikko joins United Finance
Dec 2016
The First pilot customers are successfully using the system
Nov 2016
United Finance is targeting the international market – Sami Sipilä…
Oct 2016
Growth is also pursued through business acquisitions: United Finance and…
Jul 2016
Having been spun off from the Vincit Group, United Finance…