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Does your financier help your business to grow?

When it comes to capital investors, growth companies are already used to asking a highly relevant question: What will the investor provide for our business in addition to money?

In my opinion, businesses should be asking this question also in terms of borrowed capital, e.g. loan financing or leasing. Until recently, the answer to that question has unfortunately all too often been: mostly difficulties, bureaucracy, covenants and brakes on growth. However, in borrowed capital, the standard expected by clients and the capacity of the best service providers are now growing rapidly. New providers create new approaches that accelerate growth and can provide strategic help to their partners as well as help to put the strategy into practice. Finland has the opportunity to serve as a pioneer in the revolution, and Fintech Finland must be made a major export product.

Fintech in terms of borrowed capital for businesses does not mean a new app for drafting loan applications, but brand-new and/or better approaches where a suitable financing arrangement is a
business-critical part of putting the strategy into practice. The loan provider is more than just a financier. The ideal financing partner is a technological leader in business financing who creates a new ecosystem of strong, profitable and growing businesses based on the sharing economy between businesses. The shift towards service business and resolving its financing problems serve as the engines for growth.

The financial market is undergoing a revolution that will shake its structures and where new winners will clearly stand out due to their competence and implementation capacity. At this stage of the transition, the key is not to invent new, more difficult derivatives or to take more risks, but to generate new, more
effective approaches and tools. Instead of financing debt to cover expenditure, the new, responsible Fintech Finland enables the maintenance of the welfare society by facilitating growth and profitability among Finnish businesses.

Personally, I believe in competence, work, growth, Finnish entrepreneurs and cooperation. I believe that the change will be a great opportunity for us all. However, equal opportunities do not mean equally matched results. I want to be involved in the financial transformation as a bold pioneer, building the most skilled ecosystem of a technological leader. Markos change the world. That is why I have chosen United Finance. If your answer to the question in the title is not affirmative, it is time for you to also opt for a better option.

Janne Saarikko

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Janne Saarikko

Kirjoittaja Janne Saarikko on erittäin kokenut finanssialan ammattilainen ja kansainvälisesti tunnettu kommentaattori. Janne toimii United Financessa Senior Advisorina. Jannen aiempia työtehtäviä on ollut mm. Executive Vice President Mandatum Lifessa, Head of Markets Finland and Baltics Danske Bankissa ja Senior Director Nordeassa.

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Posted on Sep, 2017