United Finance

Make every opportunity count

People and their ideas are in the vanguard of every great revolution and United Finance is one such revolution. At United Finance, we are looking for people who are defined not just by a CV, a certificate or an academic qualification. We are in search of self motivated, high potential individuals who make every opportunity count. And there is no dearth of opportunities at United Finance.

United Finance Ltd. as a company

We are a rapidly-growing financial institution specialising in service sales. Established in 2010, it currently has 300 clients in Finland. Our aim is to be the leading expert in service sales in Europe.

With the world changing at breakneck speed, and the operating models and assumptions of the past no longer guarantee success. We at United Finance know what this change means. Through our insights, we help our clients successfully grow their businesses – today, tomorrow and well into the future.

There are currently no open positions, but feel free to send an open application to backoffice@unitedfinance.fi