United Finance

Welcome to the new era of service sales.

The world is changing fast, and traditional business models are changing along with it. More and more companies want to buy products as services instead of actually owning them.

We will help your company adjust to this new era of buying and shift from traditional product sales to service sales.

You provide your customers with services, and they pay you for them. It’s as simple as that.

How we do it

1.Customer Relations Team

We believe in partnership and want to ensure, your
organizations sales personnel will experience using our
service smooth and effortless.

2. Initial arrangements

We will go through your product and service portfolio with your company and work out the practical matters. After that, we will be ready to launch your service sales.

3. Service sales

Once your services start selling, you can use the easy-to-use ufinance.com portal to make service agreements with your customers. After the contract has been signed, your company will deliver the products your customers need.

4. Invoicing

We will pay you for the device and manage the end user service invoicing on your behalf under your company’s name.

Management and Advisors

Timo Leinonen

Chief Executive Officer

Tel. +358 40 509 6255


Marko Matikainen

Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)

Tel. +358 40 650 6900


Tõnis Vahesaar

General Counsel

Tel. +372 50 169 31


Janne Saarikko

Senior Advisor

Tel. +372 5199 7752

Sales Finland

Matias Similä

Sales Director

Tel. +358 50 394 2880


Antti Sulkumäki

Key Account Director

Tel. +358 40 650 3367


Matti Vainio

Key Account Director

Tel: +358 50 4115252


Taavi Havre

Sales and Development Director

Tel: +358 45 803 1660


Service Production Finland

Jonna Savas

Service Director

Tel. +358 40 191 0865


Ilkka Virtanen

Customer Service Specialist

Tel. +358 40 500 9114


Gert Müürsepp

BI Analyst

Tel: +372 5645 1421


Minna Lindblom

Customer Service Specialist

Tel: +358 400 499 249


Finance and Financial Management

Meelis Mullaste

Chief Risk Officer (CRO)

Tel. +372 506 0694


Helen Gutmann

Head Accountant

Tel: +372 679 9550


Hanna Greta Veersalu

Reporting Analyst

Kersti Rahnel

Financial Administrator

Tel: +372 679 9550


Triin Pukk


Marketing and Communications

Victoria Tääker

Marketing Manager

Tel. +372 5645 0112


Back Office

Karolina Vardja

Contract Manager

Tel: +372 679 9550


Agnes Tavast


Tel. +372 679 9550


Development Unit

Juha-Pekka Korpela

Solution Architect

Lauri Naulapää

Senior Solution Architect

Tel. +358 40 713 1545


Tarmo Kallas

Application Consultant

Markus Pääkkö

Senior Application Architect


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